Making Contact

Making Contact with a Therapist.

You may have found a therapist details in a number of ways, through a counselling directory, an advertisement, a friend who has recommended them or perhaps simply a straight forward google search. Whichever it may be, you now have a choice in the way you chose to contact them, this can be by phone, email or perhaps through the enquiry form if they have one on a website.

For many this first step is the hardest of all, therapists understand this fully and it's why amongst many practical reasons they offer these quite different methods of initial contact. If you chose to call l don't be put off if they don't pick up immediately and the call goes to voicemail, likely hood is they are just with a another client and can't take the call at that time. If you chose to leave a message ,let them know when is a convenient time for them to phone you back or if perhaps you would like them to contact you another way.

Once you do make contact you can tell them as much or as little as you wish about your concerns, many simply say I would like to make an appointment and this is perfectly normal at this stage and you don't have to feel the need to explain yourself in detail.