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Couples Counselling

Life can be very stressful and often puts pressures on relationships and those near and dear.  I  offer a neutral and confidential environment in which to explore difficulites your experiencing, my role is to facilitate change and help you both find resolutions by communicating more effectively.

Do you need help with your relationship? 

Couples counselling is often considered a 'last resort' to save a relationship or marriage but this need not and perhaps should not be the case and many couples use therapy sessions as a way to keep their relationship healthy and to address any underlying concerns before they become future conflicts.

Relationship Difficulties may include :

-Family issues resulting from disappointment or a rift which has built up over the years and not been addressed.

-Pre-nuptial issues, helping couples be aware of stresses they my encounter at different stages of a proposed deepening of the relationship.

-Cross cultural issues resulting from different expectations due to each others beliefs and values and difficulty in finding healthy way's to express these. 

-Affairs and betrayals, which include keeping secrets , emotional , financial or an addiction for example. 

-Differences and difficulties relating to parenting styles 

-Work related stress and its effects upon  the relationship.

-Different sexual needs or desires or other sexual problems or issues. 


Enquire on +44 (0)1672 556141,  use the form on my Contact Page or use instant booking here. Please note the free consultation option is not applicable to Couples Counselling.